Water Garden Mall Istanbul

Water accompanying the music and lights .. shopping and world-famous brands .. restaurants, cafes and cinemas .. entertainment, adventures and suspense in the gardens .. all that and more you will find it in the Water Garden Mall (called Turkish: Watergarden Alışveriş merkezi) the most beautiful among Istanbul malls is located in Ataşehir In the Asian section of Istanbul Water Garden Istanbul is not only a shopping center, it is also the largest entertainment center in the world opened in 2016 on an area of ​​5 thousand square meters, to be the first of its kind in Turkey, where it includes the largest water pool (dancing fountain) that is used for concurrent musical artistic performances With lights, lasers and fireworks Istanbul Water Park Mall includes many activities and ingredients that make it a park that attracts tourists to spend quality time with family and children. You will find a shopping section, games and entertainment section, restaurants and cafes section, a fresh vegetable market section and many spaces available to enjoy the beauty of nature and water shows The shopping section in Water Garden Istanbul includes many shops that bear the names of the most important international brands, including those that are received by Turkey for the first time, and the vegetable market section (called the bazaar) includes all the necessary fresh vegetables and fruits daily As for the children, they had a great share of fun inside the Water Garden Istanbul, where they were devoted to large areas similar to the park, where many suspense and adventure games in addition to the entertainment and electric games section The most beautiful section among the departments in Water Garden Istanbul is the section designated for restaurants and cafes, which includes the most famous Turkish restaurants and fast food restaurants in addition to many cafes, all of which overlook the dancing fountain to enjoy more of your food. And for lovers of Istanbul streets, wandering in the open air or eating snacks or one of the drinks .. There is a dedicated space inside Water Garden Istanbul called (Al Haneen Street) that makes you feel as if you are among the Turkish streets with its buildings and stones of its pier Finally, the Mall of Istanbul Water Garden has several cinema halls and theaters that show the most important events and movies, in addition to the presence of a bowling alley with many of the elements of entertainment and entertainment Site Mall Water Garden Istanbul and how to access it Water Garden Complex Istanbul is located in Atasehir area in the Asian part of Istanbul The Water Garden Istanbul Mall can be reached from Taksim Square by riding the minibuses named (Taksim - Ataşehir) and getting off at Cumhuriyet Parki Station, and then walking 10 minutes to reach the complex Action Mall Water Garden Istanbul dates: The complex is open daily throughout the week: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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