Ak Center Mall Istanbul

The Ake Center Mall (called Turkish: Akmerkez Alışveriş merkezi) is one of the malls of Istanbul which is important in the Turkish commercial market in terms of its services and its distinguished location in the Beşiktaşir Atelier region in the European section of Istanbul The Ak Center Istanbul complex was opened in 1993 on an area of ​​180 thousand square meters. It was creatively designed like a triangle. The complex includes two housing towers that connect them between the shopping center and is composed of 4 floors. The complex has won awards as the best shopping center in Europe and the world Also The Ak Center Istanbul building consists of 4 floors, inside which there are more than 240 commercial stores for the most important and famous international brands in all areas of concern to the family and meet their needs of clothing and market for food and home furniture, in addition to 1500 parking spaces As for the entertainment side, the Ak Center complex in Istanbul includes several elements to spend a fun and special time as it contains many electrical games and activities for children. It also includes modern halls for cinema shows, in addition to the presence of outdoor picnic spaces. After a long day of shopping and entertainment in Ak Mall, the Istanbul Center is pleasant to sit in one of the many cafes in the mall to have your favorite drink or have lunch from one of the Turkish restaurants or fast food restaurants located there Ik Mall location and center of Istanbul and how to get to it The Ak Center Istanbul is located in the Atelier district of the Besiktas region located in the European section of Istanbul The Ak Center in Istanbul Mall can be easily reached from Taksim Square via the ride on the M2 subway, get off at Levent station, then ride on the M6 ​​metro and get off at the Nispetiye station located opposite the complex Working hours of Ik Mall Istanbul Center: The complex is open daily throughout the week: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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