Marmara Park Istanbul Mall

Marmara Park Alışveriş Merkezi is one of the best and largest European malls in Istanbul, which attracts thousands of visitors and shoppers during the tourism tours in Istanbul to acquire the various luxury goods that meet all the needs of the family and the modern home, in addition to forms of entertainment that suit different tastes and ages. Marmara Park Istanbul is located in Esenyurt district, which has a large parking lot, a chapel for women and men, and other service facilities. To know the most important activities provided by Marmara Park Istanbul Mall, one of the most important markets of Istanbul, and the best hotels near it, you can follow our report.   The most important activities that can be taken when visiting the Marmara Park Istanbul Mall • At the beginning, you can take a quick tour through the three floors of Marmara Mall, the spacious Istanbul to get to know the most important stores that it houses and sell various items to the finest Turkish and international brands and best prices. Then you can purchase a variety of luxurious and varieties of fashions that keep pace with the latest trends and suit all family members of all ages. You can also go through the shops selling household appliances and electrical and electronic devices that are included in Marmara Park Istanbul You can also visit the mega Carrefour branch of the mall and enjoy the best offers and discounts on food and home supplies that are sold at cheap prices. As for the children, Marmara Park Mall has provided them with a share of fun and entertainment while their parents shop their needs through their entertainment area. You can also entertain all members of your family by attending a movie from the most recent international cinema released at the cinema that Marmara Park Mall Istanbul has, and has the latest display, sound and lighting systems.   • Now you and your family must have gone hungry after all these long tours, so you can have a quick meal or a delicious Turkish dish and sweeten with exquisite local sweets through the fine and varied restaurants that Marmara Park includes, and finish with a free cup of coffee. Before leaving the Marmara Park Mall in Istanbul, you can take a wonderful memorial photo of the main mall square, showing the beauty of its wonderful and innovative architectural design. times of work: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm. - contact information: Title: Güzelyurt Mah. 1. Cad. Marmara Park No: 33 / A34524 Haramidere / İstanbul Method of arrival: The best way to get there is by bus and get off at Tatilya station.
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