What is Tabwa or title deed and what are the types

Tabu is the official document recognized by the Turkish government in addition to its sworn translation,


 The issuance of the Tapu document in Turkey is the final stage when buying and acquiring a property in Turkey gives the buyer peace of mind.


 A person's ownership of a house in Turkey can only be recognized by the existence of a tabu document proving official ownership of the house.


 What information is included in the tabu document in Turkey?


 The Tapu document is extracted from the Land Registry Office (Tapu Dairesi) or the so-called “Turkish Tabu Department”.


 The following information is recorded:


 • Property Address: where you specify the city or village, region and street

 • A personal photo of the landlord.

 • Registration number of the land on which the building is being built in Turkey

 • Type of land: whether it is valid or unfit for reconstruction in Turkey, where the Turkish municipality adopts certain conditions


 To grant permission for reconstruction on land inside Turkey.

 • The area of ​​land on which the residential project or building is located, in which the property to be registered is located in the Turkish Tabu Department

 • Property area with floor number and building number

 • Property Value: In Turkish Lira exclusively, the sale of real estate in Turkey is prohibited except in the local currency of the country.




 Information about the way you own a property in Turkey




 For example, if the owner of the property obtained it through the inheritance of a relative, or through the purchase of a former owner, or purchase from construction companies


 “Ie: buying the property for the first time”.


 If used.


 Information about the owner




 It shall be personally identifiable information, such as name, national number and nationality, if more than one owner of the property


 Remember information about them with attached each one's share of the property.


 Registration data after purchase.


 Seal and signature of the person responsible for organizing and issuing the title deed (Tabu).




 What are the types of tabu in Turkey?


 When you organize your tapu procedures in Turkey, or while you are organizing the sale of apartments in Turkey, you will come across several types of title deeds, Turkish,


 The most important information and details of the Tabu bonds in Turkey:


 Land Bonds


 Land real estate in Turkey has two types of property: suitable for construction or not.


 The validity of the land for reconstruction and construction depends on the reconstruction plan by the concerned municipalities.There is sometimes the presence of land registered as unfit for reconstruction but included in recent reconstruction plans and the sex of the property has not been updated by the owner, so it is necessary to review the municipality where the land is located to determine its validity for construction and reconstruction of Whether or not before buying,


 This is very important because building permits cannot be granted later on unfit land in Turkey.


 You should also check with the municipality to make sure that this piece of land is not on a public road or for a park because such cases hinder the use of the land for later construction and residential projects.




 Construction bonds




 The basic data on the whole building is mentioned as a single unit, without the need to provide details of the sections and parts of the building, such bonds are for houses or villas in Turkey, or warehouses, factories and other buildings.


 Mortgage bonds


 This type of bond depends on the planning of the building and its division after the approval of the construction, but before the completion of the project (before starting or during it),


 Each section of the building receives a separate easement deed showing the location of the section and other information pertaining to it.


 Title deed (Participation)


 These bonds are for limited periods. The landlord has the right to sell, buy, lease, or assign his property within the bond period. Therefore, you should consult the Land Registry Department in Turkey before purchasing the apartment in order to inquire about the property to be purchased to make sure that it is not subject to restrictions such as a mortgage with a bank. In Turkey or is subject to confiscation, seizure, etc.


 Full title deed


 This document is granted to the owner after the completion of the real estate in Turkey fully, and states:


 Type of property, number, location of construction, and share of construction land.


 Notes on Types of Tabu in Turkey


 If any property in Turkey is not mentioned in its own tab, the independent property number, floor number and its share of the land area.


 However, if the serial number, floor and area are mentioned, it means that they are valid for ages but did not get the complete tabu

 If the title of the sex of the property is filled in the bond and indicate that it is a building, an apartment or a villa, this is the title deed


 It should be noted in this regard that the type of property has a separate field in the document of the Tabu in Turkey, where it shows whether the type of ownership of the property: full or easement.




 Types of ownership in Turkey


 Before buying a property, the property owner in Turkey should determine the type of property required, according to his purpose of ownership:


 Commercial Real Estate Ownership:


 Investment in types of property that are not intended for housing, such as commercial offices, and shops


 Owning residential properties:


 It is an investment in real estate used for residential purposes only such as villas for sale and houses for sale.






 Important notes about the tabu


 • The title deed is given only to the landlord (the rightful owner).

 • If the property is owned by more than one person, only one bond is granted, in which the share of each person in the property is detailed.

 • The title deed shows the ownership of the person mentioned in the title deed.

 • If a certain percentage is mentioned, it means that there is a partner in the property, and that the person named named owns in the property as much as the percentage mentioned in the bond.

 • Partners in one property are considered partners in all sections of the property, the partner in the property does not have a dedicated part of the property, but all partners participate in the whole property.


 Types of Tabu depending on the sex of the property




 The most important are the following:


 Blue tabu


 These include: real estate or agricultural land, two names indicating the same name, which is the owner of the right to carry out any agricultural or similar work, such as raising poultry or livestock within the land allocated to this project.

 The title deed for this type of land is known as the blue tabu.


 This is a distinction




 About Red Tabu




 It is for residential units (house, house, villa, office) or even the lands included in the organizational chart of the city.


 Translation of the red tabu document in Turkey


 Red Tabu is the most extracted in Turkey and has three sections:


 A - Section A includes location information (title of the property) and scale


 1 - ili: State / Province.


 Ilçesi: City, region or town.


 3 - Mahallesi: the neighborhood.


 4 - Köyü: the village.


 5- Sokaği: Street.


 6 - Mevkii: Location.


 7 - Fotograf: personal photo.


 8 - Pafta No: Minutes.


 9 - Ada No: Island number.


 Parsel No: Part number.


 Niteliği: Type of property.


 Ha: Ha.


 13 - m2: square meters.


 14 - Dm2: creamy square.


 15 - Sınırı: The boundaries of the piece - the section on the real estate unit.


 B - section on the apartment unit or apartment.


 16 - Kat Mülkiyeti: the share of the housing unit from the plot of land for public real estate and full construction (provide a certificate of housing).


 17 - Kat Itifakı: The share of the housing unit from the unfinished construction on the land (no housing certificate).


 18 - Devre Mülk: It is determined in the case of a specific period of ownership of the property (ownership in use time).


 19 - Satiş bedeli: Allowance for property value.


 20 - Niteliği: Type of property, whether it is a dwelling or land for construction or a shop.


 21 - Arsa Payı: Owner's share of the total land and writes: Owner's share of the total land.


 22 - Blok No: Block number.


 23 - Kat No: Floor.


 24 - Bağimsiz bölüm No: Apartment or house number.


 25 - Edinme sebebi: “Indicates the type of transfer of ownership (donation - legacy - sale).


 26 - Sahibi: the name of the owner (s) of the property (if more than one owner specifies the percentages of ownership of the property).


 C - Archive Section


 This includes the area of ​​seals, signatures and archiving information of the Tapu Department.


 27 - Cilt No: Record number.


 28 - Sahife No: page number.


 29 - Sıra No: File number.


 30 - Tarihi: Date of registration or publication.


 31 - Yevmiye No: Document order number by day of issue.


 32 - Siciline uygundur: matching records.


 To note that this information is uniformly consistent throughout the Turkish territory (before purchasing the property you can check with the landlord and check with the owner of the information mentioned in paragraph “C”).

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