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Tourist and hotel apartments

Our company seeks to provide tourist apartments in Istanbul with the (temporary) tourist leasing system in most of the tourist areas in Istanbul, including in the neighborhoods of Sisli, Taksim, Osman-Bay, and in the neighborhood of Al-Fateh, Aksaray, and Youssef Pasha ... with the daily, weekly, and monthly tourist rental system, and our apartments are characterized by cleanliness, sophistication, and proximity to public transportation such as the metro and trampay The metrobus and its proximity to the large malls and commercial markets, and all of our apartments are equipped with internet service. WiFi is available in all of our apartments, TV screens, air conditioners, hot water day and night, central heating in the winter days, and they are all equipped with kitchen supplies complete with a refrigerator. Washer, cooker, oven and everything you need in your daily life

Annual apartments and stays

One of the services provided by our company is the annual (permanent) rental of apartments. Where we seek to secure furnished or empty apartments for annual rent in most neighborhoods of Istanbul, such as Sisli, Fatih and Taksim .... Foreigners must obtain a tourist visa to stay on its territory after the expiry of the visa or the specified visa. We, in turn, secure all the papers required for tourist stay from a lease certified by the court and a health insurance and the date of the corresponding in the wishes and a tax number and follow-up the transaction until the receipt of tourist stay ...

Excursions in Istanbul

One of the services provided by our company is touristic. And keen on your comfort, especially those who visit us Turkey for the first time, we are happy to offer you a package of daily tourist trips inside and outside Istanbul where you can choose the areas that you want to visit freely without being restricted to a specific program, so all the tourism trips that we organize only to introduce happiness and joy to your hearts and enrich the passion for exploration All our trips are special and special for your family only, within modern Mercedes-Benz cars. They include transportation to and from the apartment with a Turkish driver who speaks Arabic, who works for your comfort throughout the trip. One of the most important trips that we organize is trips to Bursa, to Sapanca and Machouki, to Yelwa, to Sheila and Lagoa

Real estate investment and naturalization

One of the services provided by our company is securing suitable real estate for investment in Istanbul and providing legal advice in the matter of real estate investment and naturalization in Turkey ٬ and there is more than one way to obtain Turkish citizenship ٬ and one of these methods is the purchase of real estate with a value of 250 thousand dollars ٬ and this must be evaluated Real estate and purchase price confirmation by a specialized committee, we in turn secure high-yield real estate at reasonable prices, and we secure the valuation committee before purchasing the property ذلك We also make sure that the property is free from any bureau, real estate loans, or mortgages from any bank or other government agency . Real estate insurance is on demand and the desire to invest in most areas of Istanbul

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