Istanbul cevahir Mall

The Cevahir Alışveriş Merkezi Mall is one of the most important and largest malls of Istanbul and is located in Sisli, the most tourist area in Istanbul, where the hustle and bustle of life is only 2 km from the division of the center of the European section of Istanbul In the year 2005 AD, Istanbul Jewels Mall was opened to be one of the largest shopping places in Europe and the world and it was named among the Turks as the “Mall of Arabia” due to the number of its Arab visitors annually. What individuals need Istanbul Jewels Mall includes nearly 230 commercial stores of the most important and prominent international and local brands specialized in selling clothes, shoes and accessories and all the necessary family furniture, electronics, in addition to restaurants, cafes and entertainment places, etc. It is distributed on 6 floors and has about 2500 parking lots Istanbul Jewels Mall is distinguished by its wonderful engineering design and the ceiling of a huge hour, and around it there are many windows that enter the strings of sunlight, reflecting on the complex the most beautiful lights during the day Jawaher Mall in Istanbul includes a huge theater where shows, activities and events are held and surrounded by a wonderful water pool in addition to other theaters in it and there are many cinemas on the upper floor for fun and movie lovers where they are equipped with the latest technology As for children, they have a great share of fun inside the Jewels Mall in Istanbul, where the mall includes two floors where Atlantis amusement parks are located, where they spend a fun time in the midst of electric games and many activities and events assigned to them in addition to the bowling hall where you enjoy some time Finally, it is worth mentioning the most famous store names in Istanbul's jewels mall, such as Pull & Bear, Nike, Zara, Colins, GAP and others in addition to the most important fast food restaurants such as: Burger King menu, Mc Donald's and KFC, as well as cafes like Starbucks in addition to Migros hypermarket Who believes in the needs of the family Istanbul Jewels Mall website and how to get there Cevahir Mall Istanbul is located in Sisli, which is about 2 km from Taksim, in the European section of Istanbul How to get to Cevahir Mall from Taksim: by taking the M2 subway and disembarking at şişli station near Cevahir Mall Istanbul and the station has a direct exit to the mall How to get to Cevahir Mall from Sultanahmet: By taking the T1 tram and getting off at Laleli- Fatih station then riding on the M2 subway and getting off at Şişli station near Istanbul Cevahir Mall and the station has a direct exit to the mall The working hours of Cevahir Mall Istanbul: The complex is open daily throughout the week: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm