Istinye Park Mall

Istinye Park Alışveriş Merkezi is one of the most prestigious and largest shopping malls in Istanbul, attracting huge numbers of Arab and foreign tourists, and this is what made it classified among the tourist places in Istanbul. Istinya Park was opened in Istanbul in 2007 on an area of ​​87 thousand square meters, and includes about 300 stores selling clothes, shoes, accessories and others in addition to restaurants and cafes. Istinya Park is characterized by it includes 41 new international brands that entered the Turkish market for the first time Perhaps the most important thing that distinguish Istinye Park Istanbul from other shopping centers is that unique architectural design where the complex covers a moving glass ceiling that opens and closes on different seasons in summer and winter, which gives the center bright strands of sunlight that make the scene more enjoyable and wonderful in addition to the shopping experience In the open spaces of the open air, the simple and luxurious character overwhelms its commercial centers Istinya Park Istanbul consists of 4 floors distributed two of them underground and ground floor and one above the ground and Istinya Mall includes 3600 parking lots so that it guarantees solutions to the problem of frequent congestion always in most shopping centers in the city of Istanbul For fans of films and cinema, we remind you that there are 12 cinemas in Istanbul Park equipped with the latest technologies, and it is the first center in which there is an IMAX hall to display movies in addition to 3D and other technologies As for the children, they should have dedicated places in Istinya Park Mall Istanbul for entertainment, fun and spending the best times. In Istinya Park there is a large fun time hall for children and equipped with many electrical toys and activities that guarantee them happiness and enjoy this visit Finally, it remains to mention to you the most important international brands found in Istinye Park Istanbul stores, in terms of stores we mention: Zara, Under Armor, Gucci, Chanel, LOUIS VUITTON, H&M and others. As for Istinya Park Mall restaurants: Burger King, Mc Donald's and Popeyes in addition to the most famous Turkish restaurants like tavuk dünyası and more besides the famous cafes such as starbucks and Caribou Coffee Istinye Park Istanbul location and how to get there Istinye Park Mall is located in Sarayer area, near Amirjan Park, in the European section of Istanbul Istinya Park can be reached from Taksim by riding the M2 subway, get off at itü Ayazağa Station, and then walk 10 minutes to reach the mall.