Vadistanbul Shopping Center

Istanbul Turkish city is considered one of the most important fashion and fashion capitals in the world and is visited by millions of tourists to enjoy its beautiful nature and its ancient Ottoman history in addition to its markets and huge commercial centers. Perhaps one of the most recent and most important of these commercial centers is the Istanbul Valley Mall (vadistanbul Shopping Center)   Wadi Mall was opened in Istanbul in 2017 in a wonderful and beautiful complex with the same name and is considered one of the largest commercial centers in Turkey all with an area of ​​103 thousand square meters and includes a lot of wonderful and well-known names and brands. , Which makes your visit a unique experience in which you enjoy the beauty of nature in addition to shopping and entertainment.   Also, Fad Istanbul Mall contains more than 270 stores of the elite and world famous brands of clothing, leather, jewelry, beauty shops and home furnishings, in addition to stores selling electrical and electronic devices and luxury furnishings such as Adidas, Altınyıldız, Bershka, D & R, de facto, Diesel, Flo , Gratis, Hummel, Koton, Lacoste, Pierre Cardi and many more.   The Valley Mall in Istanbul is distinguished for containing a series of the most famous local and international cafes and restaurants in addition to a large number of fast food restaurants, one must experience one and enjoy a delicious meal after a tiring shopping tour such as ARIFOGLU, Kentucky, Burgerking, Pizza Hut, Mado, Big Chef, Saray And starbucks.   Mall of Istanbul stores are not limited to shopping only, but it contains the most beautiful recreational facilities such as Cajik World, which includes a large group of games for adults and children, such as bowling, laser tag, Crash Auto, car collision, climbing walls, and many others, satisfying all visitors' tastes.   The Valley of Istanbul market is beautiful and distinguished by the presence of Gold Class cinema in it with the latest cinematic display technology in the world and designed at a 270-degree angle for more suspense and excitement. The galleries also have a distinctive sound system in addition to luxurious and comfortable seats.   Where is Istanbul Valley Mall located and how to get there   Istanbul Valley Mall is located on the European side of Istanbul in Ayaz Agha in Sari Yar on the Kemer Bergaz Avenue.   It can be reached by metro to seyrantepe, then you can take the funicular metro from there, which connects you to the mall directly and in boredom.   Or by using public transport buses 48L / 48KA, 19T / 500T, 36L, 48F.   Istanbul Valley Mall working hours:   Daily 10:00 am - 10:00 pm.
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