Forum Istanbul Mall

The city of Istanbul is distinguished by its modern markets and centers that vary and multiply in terms of its advantages, designs and content. When talking about the Istanbul malls, we must mention the Istanbul Forum Mall (called in Turkish: FORUM İSTANBUL Alışveriş merkezi) which is one of the largest shopping centers not only in Turkey but in Europe in general Form Istanbul complex was opened in 2009, extending over an area of ​​495 thousand square meters from the Perm Pasha area, as the complex includes residential buildings, accessories and services in addition to the presence of an area of ​​approximately 176 thousand square meters devoted to shopping. In addition to the smaller stores, there is in the Forum Istanbul, the world-famous IKEA store specialized in home furniture and all that is needed in addition to the presence of the Snow Museum, the most important and most beautiful museum in Istanbul, which attracts huge numbers of visitors annually The Forum Istanbul Istanbul Turkuazu Istanbul Aquarium called Turkish (Sea Sea Life Akvaryum) also contains the largest shark family in Europe in addition to many fish and marine species and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul as well Children have a wonderful fortune in the Istanbul Forum, which includes a center to discover children's skills and intelligence, and it is the first of its kind in Turkey in addition to an electric entertainment hall containing many games and activities designated for them. As for lovers of entertainment and fun, in the Istanbul Mall, you will find the most appropriate place to spend your time in it. There are many cinemas equipped with the latest technologies and the latest movies are always shown in addition to the presence of the bowling alley and many other games. Forum Istanbul stores and restaurants   For all lovers of international brands and shopping, we mention to you the most important brands found in the Forum Istanbul Mall, in the category of stores are located: Zara, Boyner, Adidas, Nike and COLINS and others. As for the fast food section, there is a group of Forum Istanbul restaurants, the most important of them are: Burger King, KFC and Mc Donald's and Popeyes and SBARRO as well as restaurants that offer delicious Turkish dishes, such as tavuk dünyası and others, in addition to the presence of famous cafes such as starbucks Where is Istanbul Forum Mall located and how to get there Forum Istanbul is located in the Perm Pasha area located in the European section of Istanbul Form Istanbul Mall can be easily reached from Taksim Square by riding on the M2 subway, getting off at yenikapı station, then riding on M1a or M1b metro, and getting off at Kocatepe Station and then walking 10 minutes to reach Istanbul Forum Working hours of Forum Istanbul Mall: The complex is open daily throughout the week: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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