princesses island

Princess Island is a group of islands located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it belongs to the province of Istanbul in the Turkish Republic, and the distance from the center of Istanbul to this island takes about an hour and a half, and this island is called the Princes' Islands, or the Red Islands, and is characterized by its small size, With an area of ​​about 15.85 km2, it is visited by visitors from all over the world for its beautiful and beautiful scenery. The tourist can reach the princesses island through many small ports located in Istanbul such as the port of Qabatash, in addition to the ability to move between the big islands through sea buses, but there are many problems that the visitor faces when traveling to it in the winter, such as the difficulty of transporting through ports and sea buses In the winter because of the freezing cold. Island of Princesses Island Princesses Island has been called by that name since the Byzantine period, as it was considered an exile for all princes, kings, and sultans, and the Ottomans seized it in 1453 AD, and it consists of nine main islands that differ in their area, and they are as follows: Buick Island also: has an area About 5.46 km², and this island is one of the most famous tourist princesses islands. Hebeliada Island (Sadlibag Island): Its area is about 2.4 km². Borjazada Island: Its area is approximately 1.5 km². Canada Island: Its area is 1.3 km². Shells Island: An area of ​​0.157 km². Yaslasda Island: Its area is about 0.05 km². Severada Island: an area of ​​about 0.05 km². Seashell Island Cascade: With an area of ​​about 0.006 km². Tavasasn Island, Asdaf: Its area is about 0.004 km2. Princess Island restaurants, Mito Restaurant: It is a restaurant overlooking the sea, and offers distinct and delicious types of seafood, grilled, and cold drinks. Luna Park Restaurant: This restaurant is considered one of the most luxurious restaurants on the island, overlooking the sea, and it is distinguished for its large and spacious garden. Cochem Restaurant: It is one of the very famous popular restaurants on the island, which serves delicious meat and starters, and Turkish popular sweets such as Kemal Pasha ornaments. Milan Restaurant: Milan Restaurant is one of the most beautiful and most luxurious restaurants, as it offers all varieties and types of delicious food, and famous and traditional Turkish sweets. Princess Island Ports, Captash Port. The port of Yani Capi is via the Bostanci port. Kadikoy port. The port of Kurtal is by direct route, which is the closest port to the island. The multi-port port has a direct route to the island. Bakirkoy port through Bostanci port. Tourism on Princess Island is the island of princesses is the first tourist destination for tourists from all over the world, specifically during the summer season, and trips to it are on a daily basis, so trips begin on Tuesday and Sunday from eleven in the morning until eight thirty in the evening, as for return trips It departs in the morning from 7:30 to 7:30 pm. Naki Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful and mixed beaches in Istanbul among local families and Arab visitors and foreigners coming for tourism in Turkey and tourism in Istanbul in particular during their summer and annual holidays. Located in Buyuk, the beach is the largest island ever between Princesses Island and located off the coast of Istanbul, and provides a range of entertaining and enjoyable activities that satisfy family members of all ages since its foundation in 1984. During the article, we review the most important activities that you can do while visiting Naki Bay Beach, Istanbul and the best hotels near it.   The best things to do when visiting Naki Bay Beach • You can enjoy many recreational facilities, including water slides, umbrellas, chairs, etc., which provide families with a fun vacation, preventing the beach management from entering men alone.   Enjoy swimming and different water sports, where the beach is characterized by soft sand and a rock-free land, which facilitates swimming and makes it safer especially if you are accompanied by children, and there is also a guard to keep them safe and swimming coaches. You can lie back and sunbathe in relaxation and tranquility on the wonderful beach with its pure sand, clear waters and pleasant sun, using chairs and umbrellas that can be rented from the site. Within a 7-minute drive, you can enjoy your family an indescribable delicacy at the Secret Garden restaurant in Yuk Ada, a luxurious restaurant.
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