Venice Istanbul Mall

The Italian city of Venice is wonderful, the countries of the world with its channels of water, streets and courtyard are before you today in Istanbul, the most famous tourism city in Turkey .. We are talking about the Via Port Mega Outlet Istanbul (in Turkish Venezia Mega Outlet) the most beautiful malls in Istanbul and the most wonderful creative design that characterized the city and attracted many Residents of the city and its tourists Via Port Phenicia Istanbul is an integrated project that contains more than 2000 apartments and many offices and a 4-star hotel in addition to the Venice Mall Istanbul which is one of the most important shopping and outlets centers as it includes more than 200 shops for the most famous international brands of clothing, shoes, restaurants and others When you enter the Venice Mall Istanbul, you will feel like you are in the center of the Italian city of Venice. An ancient square has been built in the middle of a tower that resembles the shape of the Italian St. Mark's Tower. As for the shops in the Istanbul Mall of Istanbul, they are distributed on the edge of water channels where rented boats run and crossed by pedestrian bridges. Many of the seating chairs are spread around these channels during a fun and interesting day of shopping and entertainment. Via Port Venice Istanbul Mall in addition to the exposed ground floor includes an underground floor that was also brilliantly designed where its land was made as if paved with pitch and its roof was a wonderful three-dimensional painting If you look at it you feel yourself looking at the sky and the daylight filled with clouds and clouds and spread in this floor also groups of Shops specialized in selling clothes, children's toys, home furniture and more Also in the basement is the CarrefourSA hypermarket, which caters to all the needs and requirements of the family. For your children to enjoy fun and entertainment, there are many fun electric toys that attract them and make their hearts happy. Via Port Venice Istanbul location and how to get there Venecia Mall Istanbul is located in the Othman Ghazi Pasha district in the European section of Istanbul You can easily reach the Istanbul Istanbul complex from the Eminonu area by T1 tram, get off at Topkapi station, then take the T4 tram and get off at the metris station opposite the complex. Venice Mall Istanbul and how to reach it by using public transportation: You have to walk to Taksim station and take a bus under the name Beyazıt 46H and stop at Vefa station and take another bus under the name Sultançiftliği 336E then go down at Kiptaş Venezia station and walk for one minute to reach the Venice Mall, if you use this method you will reach Venice Mall within 44 minutes. Or you can take another bus named Yenikapı M2 from Taksim stop and get off at Vezneciler station and walk for two minutes to reach a stop named Vezneciler and ride another bus in the name of Cebeci 36A then stop at Kiptaş Venezia station and walk for one minute and go to the Mall of Venice, If you use this method, you will reach Venice Mall within 46 minutes, and the timing varies depending on the crowding. • After leaving the Venice Mega Mall Istanbul you can continue your tour by passing through the nearby Istanbul landmarks such as Vialand Istanbul, Dolphinarium Istanbul, Mini Turk Istanbul, Mall of Istanbul, and Pierre Loti hill