The Egyptian market Istanbul

The Egyptian market Istanbul is the second largest popular market in Istanbul and one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul with its long history that extends to the beginning of the 17th century and its vast area that includes about 140 stores that lead to 6 branched entrances. The Egyptian market carries Istanbul in several names, the most famous of which is the spice market or the perfume market because it is the most famous commodity in the market throughout its history, which has always reached it from different countries of the world across the sea from Egypt, and the market is also considered one of the famous Istanbul bazaars and one of the best places in Istanbul that attracts locals And tourists alike. To learn about the most important activities provided by the Egyptian market in Istanbul for tourists to visit, as well as the best hotels in Istanbul near it, you can follow our report.   The most important activities when visiting the Egyptian market Istanbul • You can initially enjoy a sneak tour of the second largest and most popular Istanbul market and get a quick idea of ​​the areas in which the market specializes in and the goods that it is famous for selling for others. During your fast flashing tour of the market, your nose must have caught the smell of the spicy and smart weeds from its original farms in India and the Asian continent, and it is considered one of the most famous and most popular and selling commodities in the Egyptian market, which you will be really lucky to buy some of them. You can also buy a variety of different types of nuts that the market is known to sell as well and is one of the most popular commodities sold in Turkey in general. Since we touched on the biography of Turkish nuts, you must taste their delicious local sweets and buy some of them from sweets shops that include the Egyptian market in Istanbul a lot of them, but make sure not to precede your sweetness to eat a delicious local meal in one of the popular Istanbul restaurants spread across the market And don't forget to go through the gold shops that the Al Masry Market in Istanbul has to collect some souvenirs for family and friends with the scent of exquisite Turkish Ottoman art. The Egyptian market in Istanbul also includes many shops that sell handcrafted ceramic artifacts and exquisite traditional clothes, so be sure to buy what you like to offer as a souvenir when you return. Your long tour of the market must have made you exhausted. Now you can rest a while and have a cup of authentic Turkish tea or coffee before you take several memorial photos of the design of the Egyptian market in Istanbul that combines the historical Ottoman spirit with the modern Turkish spirit. In the end, you can take a second round of shopping in Mahmoud Pasha Istanbul, which is 270 meters away, which is only about 2 minutes drive from Egypt Market. Also, don't forget to visit the nearby historical and historical monuments of Istanbul, such as: the new mosque, 170 meters from the market, Eminonu Port, 1.4 km from the Egyptian market in Istanbul, the Suleymaniye Mosque, 750 meters from it, and finally Gulhane Park, located 1.2 km from Istanbul Spice Bazaar work hours The Egyptian Bazaar Istanbul operates from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Where is the Egyptian market located in Istanbul? The Egyptian market is located in the Eminönü district of Istanbul in the European section of Istanbul, on the opposite side of the Eminönü port, and you can easily reach it via Istanbul transportation from Taksim Square via the Istanbul metro to the Kabataş station, and then take the tram and get off at Eminönü station and walk on About 10 minutes' walk to the market.