Maiden's Tower

The girl's tower (called Turkish: Kız Kulesi) or as the Arabs call it the Bint Tower is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Istanbul, where the place of the tower is located on the Asian side of Istanbul between the area (Askudar) and (Harm) in the beach that extends opposite the old Istanbul The Zodiac, the Zodiac, stories and legends The girl tower is the most famous symbol among the symbols and landmarks of Istanbul, and it is the smallest tower in the history of Istanbul, and the first holder of stories, fairy tales and legends, and it is one of the most beautiful scenes in the world, and the forum of lovers in Istanbul, in addition to its biggest reputation in being the faithful guardian of the Bosphorus entrance. Signed The girl's tower is located in the Asian part of Istanbul between the area (Askudar) and (Harm) in the beach that extends opposite the old Istanbul, where the Istanbul sun sets between its arms every day. Built it There is no certain information about the construction of this tower and who built it, or even when it was built, but there are many narrations and various stories and legends about the stories of its construction, the most famous of which tells the story of one of the kings who lived before Christ, and who built this tower to protect his spoiled daughter from the bite of a snake predicted by The prophecies mentioned by the priests to him, so he built the tower to protect his spoiled daughter from any danger to her and made her live among the strait in that small fortress until the diseases and ills that the wise men raided, until one of the sages suggested to him that the grapes would help her recover and the snake came with the basket of grapes and wrote the end of the girl Prophecies were also foretold and died Bldgth, and remained the tower tells the story of poor girl who lived in the strait. But these tales, for their abundance and fame, do not provide a clear explanation about the construction of the tower, and how the island came to the width of the strait. There is another account about the girl’s tower that says that this island was in the past a temple for monks working on worship in a modest building, and that a girl called “Hero” lived in this island, and that last one met with the handsome Leandro on one of her tours outside the island and fell in love with him From the first look, it is impossible for fate to combine between them, and because love is forbidden for the worshiping “Hero,” they met secretly whenever they have the opportunity to do so, as Leandro cuts the sea swimming to the island to meet with “Hero” on her isolated island, and on one of the rainy nights Lover Leandro insisted swimming to see his lover on the island, swept away by pain Uh, and he died by drowning before he reached it, and since then, “Hiro” cannot endure life without him, so she committed suicide for her beloved, and their story became famous throughout the island, then the place became a shrine for people to see the island that gathered the story of the two miserable lovers, and with the passage of time this story diminished The island remained a symbol of Istanbul and one of its features only.