Çamlıca Hill

You see Istanbul crowded with visitors and tourists at all times, times and places, and even the Turks themselves, come to Istanbul from distant regions in Turkey, because it is distinguished from the rest of the regions and cities, by its beauty and the diversity of its natural forms, from mountains and plains, seas, rivers, valleys, gardens, and even hills It is a beautiful beauty in Istanbul, it is built between seven hills, so it was called (the city of the hills), and the most famous, the most important and the highest, is the hill "Çamlıca", or the so-called Arabic hill of brides, located in the Asian part of Istanbul During the 1980's, the Turkish government felt the value of this hill, and its importance for tourism in Turkey, especially as it overlooks most parts of Istanbul, so it bought the area full of pine trees, and set up a café, restaurant and lounge to receive visitors and tourists, and it became an important landmark and a place for them, and a popular sanctuary known for For the residents of Istanbul, the bride hill has been called by this name, because most of its visitors are lovers, as well as brides in wedding suits, they mean this hill, to take memorial photos, with their loved ones, to remain an eternal memory between them. "Shamliga" is divided into two hills, one of which is 38 meters above the other, called "Buyuk Shamliga", that is, the largest "Shamliga", with a height of 267 m, above sea level, and the other "Kuchuk Shamliga", which is the smallest, with a height of 229 m, above the surface of The sea, the largest hill offers very beautiful views, being the highest, the main waterways in Istanbul are seen, such as the Bosphorus Bridge on the Black Sea, Princess Islands on the Sea of ​​Marmara, the historical peninsula "Aminonu", in addition to the mountain "Uludag", covered with snow, The reality is near Bursa, and even the smaller "Shamliga" is nothing less than the larger "Shamliga", it is full of wonderful gardens, Beautiful forests and hiking trails. Many people go to the hill of brides, to escape the pressures of daily life, and to breathe the fresh air, which dazzles the colorful "tulips", to spread its fragrance in the atmosphere of the hill. Especially near the "tulips" flowers, and there are many restaurants, cafes and kiosks, and places designated for barbecues, which are crowded with families, especially at the weekend. And sunset. The most important activities that can be done in Istanbul's Puppet Hill Park • You can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Istanbul and its most famous tourist and historical areas such as Ortakoy, Sultanahmet, Sulaymaniyah, Princesses Island Istanbul, the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. The puppet hill in Istanbul also provides a romantic picnic or session between the most beautiful landscapes, such as pine forests, lily flowers and gardens, which includes the various botanical species famous for Uskudar and Istanbul, which makes it an ideal place to host new couples.   In addition to the honeymoon holidays which are on the list of the most important factors to visit Mount of Brides Istanbul, the location is ideal for those looking for a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city and photography enthusiasts alike. Puppet Hill Istanbul is also an important transit stop for various species of migratory birds during the spring, September and October. • During or after completing your picnic, you can enjoy a delicious local meal or a cup of traditional Turkish tea at Hill's Bridal Restaurant and its multiple cafes • You can also enjoy a wonderful cruise during your trip to and from the wedding hill of Istanbul through the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. • You can then visit many nearby attractions such as the Capitol Mall of Istanbul or head to the center of Escudar for touring and dining. You can also pass through the famous Pilar Bay Palace to get to know one of the most beautiful palaces of Istanbul. visiting hours Everyday from 8:00 in the morning until midnight.
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