Istanbul Metro City Mall

The Metro City Complex (called Turkish: MetroCity Alışveriş merkezi) is one of the oldest and best malls of Istanbul, which is characterized by a wonderful location in the Levent area, the heart of Istanbul's commercial city, where residential and high office towers, shopping centers and the pulse of Turkish life are among the most important tourist areas in Istanbul The Metro City Istanbul complex was opened in 2003 on a large area that includes two residential towers and a business office tower in addition to the shopping center. The complex features a sophisticated design considered comfortable and attractive for shopping and fun The Metro City Istanbul mall includes 4 floors that include parking for more than 1000 cars in addition to more than 150 stores selling various types of goods such as fabrics, clothing, electronics and shoes, in addition to a hypermarket that secures the needs of the family, and we mention among the most important global clothing brands in it: BOYNER and COLIN'S and LACOSTE, ZARA and many others The presence of clothing stores and the sale of products is specialized in the three upper floors, while the ground floor has been devoted to movie and cinema lovers, where there are many modern cinemas and a large hall for skiing and fun, in addition to the presence of groups of games for children, as well as activities and events for them that are held from time to time in the courtyards The vast mall After the end of the shopping tour, it is necessary to move to the restaurants and cafes floor for a famous Turkish meal or one of the world-famous fast food from a restaurant such as: MC DONALD’S and BURGER KING and the famous HD İSKENDER in Turkey in addition to the most important international cafes such as: STARBUCKS COFFEE Metro City Istanbul Mall location and how to get there The Metro City Istanbul complex is located in the Levent area located in the European section of Istanbul The Istanbul City Mall can be reached easily from Taksim Square via the ride in the M2 subway and get off at Levent Station, and there is an entrance to the complex from within the station for easy access The working hours of Metro City Istanbul Mall: The complex is open daily throughout the week: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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