Carousel Mall İstanbul

Carousel Mall is in the Turkish language (Carousel Alışveriş ve Yaşam Merkezi) is one of the most important and largest malls in Istanbul and is also one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Istanbul in particular, and Turkey in general, as it is characterized by the longest glass façade in Turkey that extends for a length of 45 meters that draws the attention of passers-by and captures their hearts The Carousel Shopping Center extends over an approximate area of ​​76,500 square meters as it includes areas designated for parking spaces of 19,200 square meters in addition to a hospital next to the mall with an area of ​​17,500 square meters while the area of ​​commercial shops designated for rent is about 24,400 square meters The Carousel Mall has 4 underground floors, two of which are dedicated for parking, while the other two are included with the first floor, which includes many cafes such as Starbucks in addition to 117 shops bearing the names of international and local brands that specialize in selling clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, household appliances and many others in addition to having a hyper Migros Market that caters to all the family's needs As for the last floor, it includes many Turkish and international cafes and restaurants that offer delicious food, including BURGER KING and MADO, in addition to 8 modern cinemas that display the most important and the latest Turkish and international films. This increases his love for visitors with the aim of entertainment and enjoyment. One and a half million visitors from all over the world And children have a share of fun and entertainment in the Carousel Mall Istanbul, where there are a group of electrical toys, activities and various events assigned to them, and adults can also have fun in the polyneology hall located in the mall The location of Carousel Mall in Istanbul and how to get there The Carousel complex is located in the Bakirkoy district, opposite the famous Kapasiti complex in the European section of Istanbul It can be easily reached from Sultanahmet area by T1 tram and then ride on bus 72T and get off at Sharsheh Station in Kerkoy or from Taksim Square directly by bus 72T Opening times for the Carousel Mall: The complex is open daily from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm
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