Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall

Aqua Florya Alışveriş ve Yaşam Merkezi is one of the most beautiful and largest malls in Istanbul Beyond Istanbul, tourism tours, historical attractions, natural attractions and entertainment places depend on visiting giant malls that provide the latest fashion lines and the finest brands of local and international goods with elegant gifts and souvenirs. If we come to the Florya Istanbul region, which constitutes an important tourism sector that cannot be overlooked when you visit the city, we will find Aqua Florya Mall as one of the giant shopping centers that attracts the attention of Arab families in Bakirkoy and occupies an advanced rank among the European malls of Istanbul, providing it with a variety of different and varied goods and entertainment activities It is unique to be in a shopping building.   The Aqua Florya Mall is distinguished by its great location near Ataturk International Airport and it extends along the beach of the Florya region, one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul that is crowded with the city's residents and tourists, especially in the summer. Florya Mall Istanbul opened its doors in 2012 on an area of ​​50 thousand square meters in a privileged location that provides amazing views of the Florya Beach in Istanbul so that the complex includes spaces for rent as well as includes an open view overlooking the sea with 900 seats in which many activities, events and different offers are in City Aqua Floria Istanbul includes 145 commercial stores for the largest international and local brands, restaurants, cafes and cinemas distributed on the ground floor and three floors above the ground level in addition to two underground floors for parking spaces with a capacity of 1500 vehicles The shops inside Florya Istanbul mall vary between clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, etc. We mention among the most important brands found there: GAP - H&M - Lacoste - Under Armor and many others, which are distributed between the ground floors, the first and the second in addition to the distribution of cafes between these stores, especially overlooking the sea and the most important : Starbucks As for the upper floors, they are specialized in Turkish and international restaurants and kitchens that offer delicious food and fast food, the most famous of which are: KFC, BURGER KING and Mc Donald`s. It is worth noting that the mall provides public sessions overlooking the beach of Floria to enjoy a wonderful meal while hearing the sounds of waves and planes flying to an airport. International Ataturk While you are shopping at Aqua Florya, you can let your kids have fun in the mini theme park or rent bicycles from the square next to the mall. You can also spend unparalleled leisure time in the bowling alley or by watching the latest international cinema movies at the cinematic house provided by Aqua Floria Istanbul Mall. • Do not forget during your visit to the Florya Istanbul Mall to accompany your children to the Istanbul Aquarium, which is located below the mall and provides a pleasant view of the different spectrum of colorful fish and marine life. Finally, before leaving the mall, do not miss out on the opportunity to taste a delicious meal with a refreshing drink in one of the Aqua Floria Istanbul restaurants and its high-end sea-view cafes such as Starbucks, Mado and others, which also have great outdoor sessions. The visit of the Aqua Floria Istanbul Mall is not complete to visit the famous Istanbul Aquarium, which is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city and can be accessed from the first floor in the complex, as there are on the upper floor 11 cinema halls equipped with the latest technologies that showcases the latest international and Turkish films. Finally, Florya Mall Istanbul is characterized by a great location in the middle of a group of elements of entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment where you can enjoy walking on the coast of Florya, which provides the possibility to rent bikes also, and in the vicinity of the complex, there is the Florya Istanbul Park of the municipality of Florya where you can do a number of activities inside it or visit the restaurant Or the cafe next to it too Floria Mall Istanbul location and how to get there Aqua Florya Istanbul is located in the Florya area, near Ataturk Airport, next to the famous Istanbul Aquarium in the European section of Istanbul You can easily reach the Istanbul Florya complex from the Aminonu area by one of the BN1 or BN2 buses and get off at the Istanbul Aquarium station next to the complex The working hours of Florya Istanbul complex: The complex is open daily throughout the week from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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