Tuzla viaport marina

Via Port Marina Istanbul is a city within a city that enjoys sophistication and luxury .. The best and largest malls in Istanbul Outlet .. The prices are fictional and the goods are varied and the companies are multiple .. The closed mall contains many shops lined up next to each other in a circular shape .. It is one of the most beautiful places Tourist in Istanbul Via Port Marina Istanbul consists of two floors where it contains more than 500 brands in 152 high-quality stores, a large section of which is specialized in selling surplus clothing production of Turkish and international brands at affordable and moderate prices, in addition to other stores specialized in accessories, jewelry, sportswear, shoes and bags And many others. It is a beauty design that the closed mall is located within a giant open complex of two parallel tracks where various shops and many brands such as koton - adidas - puma are spread and since the Marina Mall Istanbul is open it is excellent for lovers of outdoor walking while shopping Via Port Marina Istanbul is also a great place for fun as there is a small train that roams around the complex according to the desire of shoppers for a sum of money. Marina Istanbul Mall has amusement parks for children in the open air for adults and children, a three-dimensional cinema, a bowling hall, an equestrian club, and a hall Snowboarding, and a small Turkish bazaar that contain many distinctive antiques We will not exaggerate by describing the Marina Mall of Istanbul as one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Turkey as there is an artificial lake around it which has a variety of restaurants of all kinds, Turkish or non-Turkish, as well as fast food restaurants, which are distributed on two floors overlooking the city of games and parking Aquarium Via C Istanbul In Via Port Marina Istanbul, the largest games complex with the Via C Istanbul Aquarium was recently opened. The Viasea Aquarium is the first climatic pool in the world and includes the largest underwater tunnel in Istanbul, where more than 12,000 marine creatures await you in 47 different exhibitions that bring together Education and entertainment together. For fans of excitement and diving there are 7000 creatures waiting for you to be their guest, enjoy diving and spend an unforgettable day including his guitar, bow crater and black sharks. Visitors are trained to dive, fish, and swim among fish under the supervision of professional fishermen Viaport Istanbul suffers from a lack of guidance boards and far from Istanbul. Finally, Via Port Marina Istanbul is an integrated market in which you do not feel bored and the lines are not enough to write about it and the description is not like a visit, it is the place of all in one Viac Istanbul tickets prices 69 Turkish Liras for approximately an adult 59 TL for a child Via Port Marina Mall Istanbul location It is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, 10 minutes from Sabiha Airport and next to the Crown Plaza Hotel
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