Olivium Outlet Mall Istanbul

Olivium Mall Istanbul Olivium Mall Istanbul is one of the best outlet mall in Istanbul that a visitor must go through during the tourism trip in Turkey. Olivium Outlet Mall was opened in April 2000 in the Zeitun Bornwa Istanbul neighborhood to be a comprehensive commercial entertainment center located on an area Vast area of ​​up to 45 thousand kilometers. Olivium Outlet Mall includes cinemas, game centers as well as restaurants, cafes and a large parking lot that can accommodate more than 1,000 cars. And the Olivium Mall Istanbul contains various types of stores that number to 118 stores displaying products from international brands and Turkish products at lower prices than its counterparts, so it is one of the cheapest malls in Istanbul. Dear visitor, we will take you with us on a trip to Olivium Outlet Mall, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul, to explore the magical properties of this mall, including stores, restaurants and entertainment, as well as the location of the mall and opening times in addition to the nearby Istanbul hotels.   The best things to do in Istanbul Mall • Enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience where you can find the latest fashion in Olivium Outlet Mall, from fashion, shoes, perfumes to children's toys, etc. Knowing that Olivium Outlet Mall offers a special discount every Tuesday. During your trip shopping and moving between the Olivium Outlet Mall stores, you should take a break in one of the mall's upscale restaurants and eat a delicious meal from the local Turkish cuisine or well-known European and Asian kitchens. Then you can go to the games center and bowling alley and spend quality time for you and your family especially if you are accompanied by your children. There are many great cafes in the Olivium Outlet Mall that specialize in refreshing hot and cold drinks, especially great coffee, where you can have your favorite drink while you roam the mall. Olivium Outlet Mall contains a comprehensive supermarket that allows you to purchase all the needs of the house for food and drink in case you reside in one of the Istanbul self-catering hotel apartments.   • You can spend a wonderful evening at the Olivium Outlet Mall by entering one of the movie shows in the cinemas located in the mall, which number up to 6 cinemas showcasing the latest films from local and international. The center is one of the most important malls and shopping centers in Istanbul, and the center located in the European section in the Zeiten Borno region is distinguished by an urban architecture distinct from other centers, and it contains more than 140 shops offering different Turkish and international brands, and offers real discounts ranging from 40 % And 60%. - Worktime: Daily from 10:00 am to 10 pm Except on Saturday - contact information: Title: Prof. Dr. Muammer Aksoy Cad. No: 30 Zeytinburnu / İstanbul Access method: The nearest railway station: Kazliçeşme Yedikule Nearest bus station: İETT Emniyet Durağı Gökalp Mh. 34020 Zeytinburnu / İstanbu
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