Floria Park in Istanbul

Florya Sosyal Tesisleri, in Turkish language, is one of the most beautiful and most attractive parks in Istanbul for visitors of the city's residents and tourists alike, it is distinguished by its location on the famous Florya beach, which made it to be one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul and the most visited by tourism seekers in Turkey Florya Istanbul to the general public in 1994 by the municipality of Florya in the most attractive region for Florya, where the beauty of nature and floral fragrance merged with the magic of the sea and the sound of waves. The Florya Park in Istanbul means many residents of the city in addition to its external visitors so that the person spends an enjoyable and quiet time In front of the beautiful landscapes and the successive waves of the sea, in the park there are groups of seating areas, as well as many free fun games for children and free sports devices. Also, Floria Istanbul includes various types of plants and trees, the most famous of which is the famous tulip flower that covers the garden with its wonderful flowering colors and smells fragrant amidst the spreading birds singing Here and there, in addition to the presence of a lake in which species swim ducks hearts hearts see Do not swim in the arms of nature. The Floria Park in Istanbul includes all the necessary facilities and services, in which there is a mosque and bathrooms. There are also spaces designated for holding events and in the vicinity of them are also a wedding hall for the establishment of weddings. For fun and entertainment, there are close to the park an electric games city containing many games, including the custom For children, including those with strong hearts and lovers of adventure and suspense. Finally, the park is famous for the presence of the famous Floria Istanbul restaurant, also affiliated to the municipality of Florya, which provides wonderful views of the sea and the garden at the same time and offers delicious seafood and various grilled meats and is characterized by its symbolic prices in addition to the presence of a cafe opposite the restaurant offers many Various snacks and drinks Where is Floria Park located in Istanbul and how to get there Floria Istanbul Park is located in the Floria area near Ataturk Airport and close to Istanbul Aquarium and Floria Mall Istanbul, the most famous shopping centers in the European section of Istanbul You can easily reach the Floria Park in Istanbul from the Aminönu district by using one of the BN1 or BN2 buses, get off at Istanbul Aquarium and walk 10 minutes later to reach the park. Working hours of Floria Istanbul Park: The park is open 24/7
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