Vialand Istanbul

Isfanbul amusement park or vialand istanbul previously Istanbul is one of the largest amusement parks and entertainment places in Istanbul and Turkey in general, and one of the most beautiful places of entertainment and entertainment and shopping in the European section of Istanbul, which is an essential attraction in the field of tourism in Turkey Via Land Istanbul was opened in 2013 and the amusement park has an area of ​​approximately 200,000 square meters, and the area of ​​a shopping center and the adjacent area in which various exhibitions are held has reached about 100,000 square meters. Via Land Istanbul was designed by the most important international experts, taking into account international safety standards, to be safe and charming at the same time, competing with Disneyland theme parks in terms of the quality of the games and the atmosphere that transport visitors to a world of magic, fun and excitement. Vialand theme park includes a large number of games suitable for all age groups, young and old. For example, you will find children 's roller coaster games of various shapes and favorite characters, in addition to the mini city that they can walk around on the train and enjoy watching the attractive designs around them. As for adults and those with strong hearts, they have a great share of fun in Vialand Istanbul, where electric cars, fast death train and adventure game Roller Coaster descend from high altitude towards the water to increase the enthusiasm and fun of its passengers, as well as the famous game of King Kong, a favorite of suspense fans. And for lovers of the water atmosphere, there are many pitfalls in Via Land Istanbul that vary in shapes and designs to suit all tastes, including those for children, including crazy, which are in a vertical shape, where the slide is fast and exciting Finally, a fun and interesting visit to the Land must be accompanied by another pleasure which is the pleasure of shopping, as Via Land Istanbul includes a shopping center that includes a number of the most prominent and prominent international brands in addition to the presence of cinemas and many restaurants and cafes that offer various types of food and drinks      Via Land Istanbul tickets prices $ 40 per person or equivalent in Turkish lira Children under 3 years are free of charge For more information about prices, opening times and all that matters to you about Vialand, you can visit the website Via Land Istanbul Vialand Theme Park is located in the Ayoub region, located in the European section of Istanbul, Turkey You can also benefit from the free transportation service from Taksim Square or Sultan Ahmed Square, as there are buses that always depart
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