The Details
Notes There is no commision
To communicate from outside Turkey +905070536959
To communicate from within Turkey 05070536959
Services available Net Wifi / Guard 7/24 / Heating / Air Conditioning
Location of the apartment Sisli by Loyal cevahirul
Area of ​​the apartment 90 m
Heating system Central heating
Age of construction 1 year
Elevator Asansour yes
Floor of the apartment 1
Furniture Brushes yes
Number of bathrooms 1
The number of rooms 1+2
Construction proceeds Inclusive of rent
Ad number 867
Date of announcement 29/11/2019
Property Type Furnished Apartment
Rent Type Daily tourist weekly
payment system Cash when turnkey
Apartment bills Inclusive of rent

2 bedroom apartment + salon furnished luxury for rent tourist in Sisli Istanbul