Mahmoud Paşa Pazarı

Mahmoud Pasha market in Turkey ... It is considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul, and it includes various international and local brands which is on the European side of Istanbul Mahmoud Pasha Market in Turkey occupies a privileged location in the Amineno Sultanahmet area near the Egyptian Spice Market on Mahmoud Pasha Street, and it is one of the best and most popular and crowded popular markets in Turkey; It provides tourists from inside and outside Turkey with all their requirements and allows them the freedom to choose between international and local brands It provides them with a large variety of local and international Turkish products at the cheapest prices, and it includes all kinds of products from clothes and accessories to home appliances in addition to electrical appliances. The Mahmoud Pasha market in Turkey is distinguished by its inclusion of dozens of shops and shops that offer a variety of clothes, materials and brands that vary between local and international, and prices vary in stores and you have to practice the skill of separation to get the best price, the market is located in a very vital area and Mahmoud Pasha Street includes a lot of cafes And restaurants where you can eat delicacies at the lowest prices, so the market occupies a great place in the hearts of tourists and flock to it constantly throughout the year so the market always suffers from overcrowding, as the market is distinguished by its inclusion of the finest and most luxurious hotels, headed by: Moyan Suites, White House Hotel Istanbul, Wafir hotel And if you go to him for the purpose of buying large quantities of clothes for trading, you have to agree in advance with one of the shipping companies because the markets in Mahmoud Pasha Market do not provide you with a service to deliver goods, beware of fraud of merchants and make sure of the quality of raw materials and negotiate a lot in prices. Mahmoud Pasha Market is located in Beyazit Beyazit, next to the covered market "Grand Bazaar". You can easily reach it by taking a bus or tram and it is located in the same station as the Sulaymaniyah Mosque. You can enter the market through the main gate on the tram and ask a passerby for Mahmoud Pasha Street You will find it to the left, after the second lane leading to the bazaar. And its address in detail: Mollafenari Mh. 34120 Fatih / İstanbul Turkey